I have enjoyed this extraordinary journey of creating a company that provides 25 jobs, serves 500 customers and we are 20 years strong in building relationships across the globe.
— Roger Zumwalt, President
I have grown alongside NWE, having worked in every department of the company, and am proud of our commitment to quality, building long term relationships with vendors and life long loyal customers.
— Trevor Waage, 19 year employee

What Makes Us Different, and Great, Is In The Details...

NWE Brands is a leading national wireless accessory manufacturer that brands and distributes a wide assortment of high quality wireless accessory products with attention given to every detail from safety and security to trend and packaging. For over 20 years we have provided performance tested products with a commitment to impeccable service and a credo of conducting business with integrity and the highest ethical standards.

Our Future Looks Bright

The majority of our products are manufactured specifically for us. Our key brands include ZGEAR, CELLCandy, Acoustix and Pelago. We have long-term partnerships with both domestic and overseas factories allowing us the greatest flexibility to meet consumer demand and cutting edge technology. We have long-standing, deep-rooted relationships with our partners which allow us strict quality control over the form and function of our products. Our partners support our mission to provide consumers with superior products at competitive prices in all categories of wireless accessories.